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12.07.20 – ExOrdo is now open for the viewing of pre-recorded content.
Please use the following link to access the event space:

Before the conference:

Due to COVID-19, UCL has taken the decision to move the conference online. In order to better accommodate the differing time zones of those involved, presenters will now be pre-recording their contributions. All pre-recorded media will be available for you to view from 12 August on ExOrdo.

You will need to create an account with ExOrdo in order to view the presentations and take part in the conference. (Please use the same email you used to register with the UCL online store.)

The conference:

Given that presentations will now be available on demand from 12 August, the nature of the conference has changed. From 26-30 August, rather than watching presentations, you will have the opportunity to take part in live Q&As. The programme will be available to general delegates from 12 August. Please refer to the programme for the live Q&A timings.

Certain presentations will be given live and will not be available to view before the date of the conference. Please see the programme for more details.

In order for the Q&As to go ahead, you will need to download WebEx Events, the video conferencing software. Please see the technical specifications for troubleshooting and to make sure that you have the necessary technical capacity to run the application.

If you are unable to attend a Q&A, there will be the opportunity to pose asynchronous questions via ExOrdo.

To do ahead of the conference:

To ensure the smooth running of the conference, please make sure that you complete the following ahead of 26 August: