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    Why do I have to upload my presentation so early?

    The conference will open for On Demand viewing of presentations on August 12.

    There is less than two weeks between the deadline for uploads and presentations being made available for viewing. The conference office needs at least this amount of time to make sure that everything is in order before the conference opens.

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    Can I have an extension to upload my presentation?

    The deadline of July 31 is a hard deadline.

    We plan to open the system to all registrants to begin viewing content on demand at some point in the week beginning 10 August. We are expecting over 800 presentations and it will not be possible to ready the backend of the system for the conference opening if we extend this deadline.

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    How do I log in to Ex Ordo?

    Please log in here –

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    URGENT. All authors, PLEASE READ. Deadline Friday June 12.

    Please check that your submission is listed as “completed” in Ex Ordo. You will see this information when you log-in.

    See Registration for further information

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    Why is my submission "Pending"?

    You have not completed your submission. Even if you did not have specific edits to carry out, all authors were required to proof their abstracts and complete their submissions.

    Authors are asked to click a copyright check box giving the conference organisers permission to publish their abstract in the conference (online) programme.

    We also ask authors to indicate their preferred timeslot for the virtual conference.

    Assuming that all of these steps have been done and you have clicked through the workflow your submission status will move to “Completed”.

    If you have not completed these steps your abstract will remain “Pending”.

    We will contact authors with pending submissions and re-open the system for these final steps to be completed.


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    Why can't I edit my submssion?

    The deadline for editing submissions is now passed and the system is closed to edits.

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    Do I need to RSVP?

    No you do not need to RSVP. The RSVP option on Ex Ordo is for internal administrative purposes. It was purposely enabled after the edit deadline in order not to confuse authors.

    Please do not RSVP in Ex Ordo or by email unless specifically asked to do so.

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    What is the presenter registration deadline for the virtual conference?

    The deadline to register for the conference if you are a presenter is midnight (GMT +1) on Monday June 1.

    This is also the deadline to make any edits to your abstract in Ex Ordo including indicating your preferred timeslot for taking part in a live Q&A.

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    Why can't I register via the online store?

    There are two many reasons people are having difficulty registering.

    1. You are trying to access the store via your institutional Virtual Private Network (VPN) and there is a firewall. Please try accessing the store from outside your institutional internet access.
    2. The online store works best with Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you are using Chrome it would be worth trying to access the store using a different browser.
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    I can't submit my abstract on Ex Ordo

    There should not be a need for you to submit an abstract. The deadline for submissions was last year and all accepted abstracts are already in the system.

    All that you are required to do by midnight (GMT +1) is edit the abstract that is already in Ex Ordo. For some authors there are specific edit requests and for others you simply need to proof read your abstract and ensure that the presenter biography has been included and then click through to complete the submission.

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    I can't see my submissions in Ex Ordo

    The most likely reason for this is that you appear in the system with more than once email address. In order to see your submissions you must log on using the email address that is associated with that submission.

    For example, if your abstract was submitted using your institution email address but you are logging on using your person one, you will not see your abstracts.

    Please try logging in using a most likely alternative email address, in the first instance.

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    I can't find my ACHS membership id number

    Members can find their ID in ‘membership directory’ after logging in their account.!directory

    You can register without the id number. Where you are asked to insert the id number please type “Unknown”.

    If you are an ACHS member we will be able to verify your membership using your name. The id number is our preference but it is possible to do without it.

    If you are not a member your registration will be refunded, minus at £20 administration charge, before the start of the conference.


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    How do I become a member of ACHS

    ACHS membership is based on an honours system with memberships ranging between USD 10 and USD40.

    If you are not already a member please join here.


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    How will I access conference content?

    Conference content including pre-recorded video presentations, panel presentations and live Q&As will be accessible via our conference management software providers Ex Ordo

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    Do I have to register to access the conference content?

    Yes. Conference content will only be accessible to registered participants via the Ex Ordo platform. You will otherwise be able to see a copy of the programme but not the content itself.

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    What is the deadline for uploading my presentation?

    The deadline for uploading video presentations and accompanying files is Friday 31 July.

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    What is the earliest I can upload my presentation?

    You will be able to upload video presentations and accompanying files from Tuesday 7 July.

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    Where do I upload my presentation?

    Please upload your presentation via your Ex Ordo login from Tuesday 7 July.

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    In what time zone will the virtual conference take place?

    Pre-recorded presentations will be available to view on demand in the two weeks leading up to the conference. Live Q&A sessions will be programmed during the scheduled dates Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 August from 9:00 to 18:30 BST.


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    Has the deadline for author edits been extended?

    Yes, the deadline for making edits to your abstract is in line with the deadline for registrations. This is now 1 June.

    Please note that if you are still listed as a Corresponding Author on submissions on which you are not an author (usually the case if you are a Curated Session organiser) it would be in your interest to edit the author information on these submissions sooner rather than later. This will go some way to reducing the number of emails you receive from us via Ex Ordo.

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    Has the presenter registration deadline been extended?

    Yes, the deadline for presenters to register has been moved to 1 June.

    Please see our COVID-19 updates page for more information.

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    What happens if one of our session presenters has to withdraw?

    In the first instance we will look to add a suitable paper, from the stand-alone submissions, to your session to fill the slot. If there are none suitable we will discuss the options with you, the most likely being that we will assign extra time for discussion to your session.

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    Why am I having trouble registering/using the UCL Online Store?

    There are a number of things which may cause issues with the online store, the main ones being:

    • Using a slow or poor Internet connection
    • Using Google Chrome as the browser, we advise that you use either Firefox or Internet Explorer.
    • There may be a Firewall set up when using a work Internet connection which will allow you to access the Online Store but will not allow payments to be made. This usually occurs for Governmental Offices, Educational, Medical and sometimes University sites.

    If you have or are using any of the above please try and use either Internet Explorer or Firefox away from your office.

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    Do I have to RSVP my accepted submission in Ex Ordo?

    Please disregard the RSVP button in Ex Ordo. This is there for internal administrative purposes only so that we can keep a track of registrations against submissions and make sure that don’t send registration reminders to presenters who have already registered for the conference.

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    Do I have to be a member of ACHS to submit an abstract?

    No, you do not need to be a member to submit an abstract.

    You must be a member in order to register for the conference. All presenters will be asked to register following acceptance of their paper into the conference programme.

    Membership of ACHS costs between $10 and $40 per year depending on your circumstances.

    Become a member here.

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    Is there any financial support available to attend the conference?

    A limited number of registration fee waivers have been awarded to presenters who would otherwise not be able to participate in the conference for financial reasons. These have been facilitated by a donation from the Conference Chair, Professor Rodney Harrison.

    Waivers were awared by application and prioritised participants from low/middle income countries, unwaged presenters including students and/or those with no institutional support.

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    Is there a limit to the number of abstracts I can submit?

    There is no limit to the number of abstracts you can submit however, you can only participate with a substantive role twice in the conference. This means that if you submit more than two abstracts and they all get accepted in the initial review process, we will only include a maximum of two in the final programme.

    There is no limit to the number of sessions you can organise as session organiser is not a substantive role. Paper presenter, discussant or panel member is a substantive role.

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    Will I be required to submit my full paper in advance of the conference?

    You will not be required to submit your full paper in advance of the conference. We only require you to submit an abstract.

    Further information for presenters will be posted as we shift to a virtual conference format.

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    Will there be another call for papers for sessions?

    No. There is one Call for Participation and one deadline.

    All session proposal abstracts and their associated individual paper abstracts must be submitted by the deadline of 31 October. Stand-alone individual paper abstracts should also be submitted by this deadline.

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    Will session abstracts be reviewed? Will individual paper abstracts within sessions be reviewed?

    Yes. All abstracts will be reviewed by two reviewers drawn from the conference’s scientific committee.

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    I'm confused about how to submit my session proposal/individual session abstract. What do I need to do?

    Both Session proposal abstracts and individual paper abstracts submitted as parts of sessions should be submitted in Ex Ordo using the “Session (Including Film Session)” format. There should be a separate submission for every abstract.

    Individual papers within sessions should be submitted with the session title as part of the overall title in the form “[Session Title] – [Paper Title]”.

    The “Stand-alone Paper” format should only be chosen for stand-alone papers not attached to a session.

    Full guidelines are available within Ex Ordo, our abstract management system.

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    I'm the convener of a session, what do I put for author?

    Session proposal abstract

    • If there is only one convener, both corresponding author and presenting author should be check.
    • If there is more than one convener all should be marked as presenting authors and one should also be a corresponding author.
    • You may have as many conveners as you wish.

    Individual paper abstract within a session

    • The convener should be the corresponding author and the paper authors should be input as presenting authors only.
    • This is for the review stage only. Convening authors will be removed* from the abstracts before the programme is generated.

    Edited on 21.02.20

    *Please note, individual paper authors on accepted submissions will need to change the author information on their submission, this will not be done by the conference organisers. The author information must be corrected by the 31 March. Note that there must be a Corresponding and a Presenting Author.


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    Why have I received an email incorrectly stating that my abstract is co-authored

    For the purposes of reviewing sessions, session conveners have added themselves as the corresponding authors on individual abstracts within their sessions.

    This is to assist with the review process and conveners will be removed from abstracts before the programme is generated.

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    Will the conference be video-recorded?

    We are asking presenters to pre-record their presentations for the virtual conference. We are exploring options for hosting and possibly recording Q&A sessions.

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    Will there be conference proceedings?

    There will be no formal conference proceedings but there will be a downloadable book of abstracts which will be available from this website and on the conference mobile app.