The Fringe Committee is pleased to be able to offer a variety of activities ranging from coffee mornings to virtual tours – full details below.

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    Where are you? Why not send us a 'postcard' to introduce yourself.

    We are no longer accepting virtual postcards.

    As a result of COVID-19, the Fifth Biennial Conference of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS) will run as a fully virtual conference. We have been keen to find ways to maintain the element of sociability and connection that can be lost in a virtual session.

    As such, we invite you to film a short ‘postcard’ from your location (instructions below), which will be uploaded to, where you will be able to watch videos from your co-contributors across the Globe.

    We will be uploading videos as and when we receive them, so please keep checking the above link to see each other’s postcards.

    Instructions for ‘postcards’

    • Film a short (no more than 2 minute) video of yourself or your surroundings telling us:
    • Who you are
    • Where you are
    • What you are working on currently
    • How 2020 has been for you
    • And finally, (following our theme) what the future holds
    • Upload your film to Youtube (download instructions here)
    • Email the link, along with your name and location (as specific as possible to avoid multiple pins in the same location) to: with the subject header ‘2020 Postcard’

    Download hints and tips on filming your Postcard and uploading it to Youtube here

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    The ACHS Spotify playlist

    Why not get in the mood for the conference with our specially curated ACHS 2020 playlist on Spotify* which takes you on a tour of many of the conference themes with regular stop-offs across London by way of some classic (and some not so) London tunes. Thanks to Jonathan Gardner and Susie Sandford Smith for putting this playlist together.

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    The ACHS recipes

    One of the truly fun parts of organising events is working out the catering, and ACHS 2020 was no different. We sampled our way through a plethora of food and drink for you and were happy that we’d selected a wonderful range of deliciousness with which to keep you fed and watered.

    As we are no longer able to do that, Susie Sandford Smith has come up with a few recipes for you to enjoy – maybe you could whip up some scones before joining us at one of our coffee breaks or perhaps some of the nibbles for drinks on Wednesday evening.


    Apple and thyme fizz/soda/ice-tea soda

    Savoury bites

    Carrot top pesto

    Things on toast

    Chickpea and carrot mutabal


    My Auntie Edith’s scones

    Tarte tatin cake

Listed here are a range of ACHS 2020 ‘fringe’ activities – resources and tours related to heritage and London that are accessible outside of the main conference program.

Many of these would have taken place in-person as part of the original program but have now moved to the virtual format along with the rest of the conference.

These links and resources give just a small taste of London’s diverse heritage scene. We invite you to explore them at your leisure alongside the main conference programme. 

Note: the provision of these links does not indicate formal endorsement or recommendation of these services by ACHS, UCL or any conference organisers. You access them at your own risk.

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    Virtual Museum Tours

    Many of London’s museums and exhibitions can now be visited ‘virtually’, from the large scale to the intimate. Here are a few of our favourite examples: 


    Sir John Soane’s Museum


    Natural History Museum


    The British Museum


    The National Gallery


    Royal Academy


    Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College


    Inclusive Futures at Wellcome Collection

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    ACHS Virtual Tours

    These two tours have been specially created for ACHS 2020 to give you a taste of two of London’s more unknown urban heritage sites – on the ‘fringes’ of the usual tourist trails. They are led by Dr Jonathan Gardner and relate to the conference theme of ‘Urban Heritage Futures’. 

    Unfortunately these currently do not work on mobile browsers so please access them using a computer. A live discussion about the tours will also take place on Sunday – see below for further details.

    A (virtual) walk around Crystal Palace Park [launches tour]
    This tour presents the history and heritage of the Crystal Palace Park in Sydenham, South London. This large park was once the home of the famous Crystal Palace (originally constructed in Hyde Park  for the Great Exhibition of 1851) but also provides an excellent example of how urban heritage sites continue to change over the long-term.


    A (virtual) walk around The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park [launches tour]

    This tour explores the history and heritage of  the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London (the site of the 2012 Olympic Games) from prehistory to the present. It takes in archaeological discoveries made during preparations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as exploring the rich heritage of the area prior to the Games, and discusses post-Olympic changes and planned ‘legacy’ developments.

    Live follow up discussion session:
    We will host a live session at 12.30pm on Sunday 30th August where Jonathan will be in conversation with Dr Toby Butler to discuss the tours, heritage trails, and similar initiatives (you can also ask any questions about the topics of the tours here too). Details for joining this are in the main conference programme via Ex Ordo.


    Further Information:

    These tours use Google Tour Builder and combine pre-recorded audio and slides, YouTube clips and self-directed map based exploration. Please note these will not work on a mobile browser so please view on a laptop or desktop computer.


    NB: The Q&A session is not a heritage app ‘masterclass’ or training workshop – this and the tours are intended only as a freely available substitute for the in-person tours which would have been offered to attendees had the conference proceeded as planned. The use of Google Tour Builder does not indicate any recommendation, endorsement or recognition of this service by ACHS, UCL or their creator. Any errors within the content or presentation of the tours rest solely with their creator and the tours are provided freely for educational purposes only and you access them at your own risk. Use of Tour Builder is according to Google’s Terms of Use and Terms of Service – see and

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    London Heritage Resources

    In this section you can find a selection of links to interesting London-based online and digital heritage resources including apps, websites and audio-guides, which may be of interest to attendees.

    Layers of London

    This new and growing map-based service allows any user to examine the city’s history through historic maps and aerial photographs and to add their own stories and content to places important to them.

    Museum of London

    Online collections documenting thousands of years of London’s history. 

    Survey of London

    An in depth historical survey of a single London neighbourhood with an interactive map.

    London Metropolitan Archives

    1000 years of London history in maps, documents, photos and films. 

    Migration Museum

    Online resources on the history of migration compiled by this new museum in South London. 

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    Nearby to UCL and Bloomsbury

    Kings Cross Story Palace

    A community led history of the past 100 years of the London neighbourhood of King’s Cross (near UCL and the ACHS Conference location) with oral history interviews.

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    Some of our favourite London heritage blogs

    A London Inheritance

    A blog which uses the author’s father’s photographs as a starting point to explore the huge changes the city has experienced over the decades since the 1940s.

    Spitalfields Life

    An amazing and beautifully written blog which aims to write 10,000 stories about life in Spitalfields, east London, at a rate of one a day (currently at c. 4000). Many of the topics cover the history and heritage of the area and all stories are richly illustrated with photography.

    The Great Wen

    A blog of London curiosities and histories.

Note: the provision of links on this website does not indicate formal endorsement or recommendation of these services by ACHS, UCL or any conference organisers. Note that links will take you to Third Party Providers and are accessed at your own risk.