12.07.20 – ExOrdo is now open for the viewing of pre-recorded content.
Please use the following link to access the event space: https://event.achs2020.exordo.com/

31.07.20 – system open to midnight GMT+1 on SUNDAY 2 AUGUST

We are aware that some authors are experiencing issues uploading their presentations, to account for this we are keeping the system open until Sunday night.

When you are uploading your presentation please only do so once. The process is not immediate. Once your presentation has been uploaded you will be able to see it under your submission.

Make sure to press “Done” and click through every page clicking “Done” until all of the dots on the left of your screen (your workflow) are green.


24.07.20 – Checklist for presenters

  • Record your presentation.
  • Upload presentation via Ex Ordo by 31 July.
  • CURATED SESSION CHAIRS ONLY – Record and upload brief session intro (max 5 mins).
  • Make sure you are registered via the UCL online store.
  • Make sure you have current ACHS membership.
  • Check that you have the correct technical specifications to run the necessary programmes.
  • Download the WebEx Events app.
  • 12 Aug onwards. Watch pre-recorded presentations on demand.
  • Leave questions for presenters (if you are unable to attend the live Q+As).
  • Check conference programme for time and date of your Q+A slot.
  • 26-30 Aug. Attend conference for live Q+As!

    (Full presenter guidelines below)

08.07.20 – Ex Ordo is now open for presentation uploads.

Please log in to Ex Ordo as usual, you will now see an additional ‘card’ which will enable you to access the Presentation platform. As with submissions, you will have a workflow, beginning with Guidelines for Authors, that you should follow. Please ensure that you complete all of the steps.

Log in to Ex Ordo here to view your submissions

If you cannot see any submissions when you log in this will be because you are using a different email to the one attached to your submissions. Please contact achsconference2020@gmail.com indicating which email address you wish to use in the system.

Guidelines for presenters

The following guidelines will provide you with important information and instructions to prepare your presentation. This page and the FAQs will be updated regularly, so please check back for the latest information.

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Conference Format
Technical Specifications
Dates and Deadlines
Presentation Timings
All Presentation Formats
Curated Sessions/Stand-alone Papers/Discussion Panels/Films
Accepted file extensions for presentations
Session Formats
Live Q&As
Live Presentations
Chair Responsibilities


Taking part in ACHS 2020: FUTURES indicates consent to the following terms regarding the virtual conference.

By taking part in virtual events you agree to be recorded.

Uploaded video recordings and files will be available via the Ex Ordo conference management system from two weeks before the conference dates until Tuesday 8 September. Live events will be recorded and then uploaded and made available until 8 September.  

Video files will be available for streaming only; any non-video files that you upload, e.g. PDF, PowerPoint or Word will be downloadable.

Only registered participants will have access to live events, uploaded video recordings and files.

You must have the right to use any images or other materials included in your uploaded presentations files and/or shared during any live stage events.

Presenters retain copyright and intellectual property of content uploaded via the Ex Ordo system and promoted by ACHS 2020: FUTURES accounts via any third-party sites. Participants will uphold academic standards by acknowledging copyright and intellectual property of all uploaded and live content shared during the conference.

ACHS 2020: FUTURES assumes no liability for presenters and participants with respect to their use of copyright materials or their actions while participating in the conference. See the conference event conduct policy.

EDIT: 13.07.20 Permissions edited to remove “By sharing any images or other materials you give ACHS 2020: FUTURES copyright permission to promote this content on the ACHS 2020: FUTURES and ACHS websites. You also give permission for ACHS 2020: FUTURES to promote this content via ACHS 2020: FUTURES accounts on third-party websites including but not limited to Twitter and Facebook.” This change will apply to all uploads regardless of whether they were made on or before 13.07.20. If the conference or ACHS wishes to use content in this manner it will contact authors directly to seek permission for such use.

Conference format

ACHS 2020: FUTURES Virtual will be hosted via our conference management system Ex Ordo. Only registered participants will be able to access uploaded content and live events through their personal Ex Ordo login.

There are two parts to the conference. Pre-recorded presentations will be uploaded by Friday 31 July and will be made available to participants to view in advance of the ‘live’ conference dates. The live conference, Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 August, will then consist primarily of Q&A sessions relating to pre-recorded papers, ACHS meetings, workshops and fringe programming and selected synchronised keynote presentations. We have organised the conference this way to best facilitate engagement across a broad number of time-zones and conditions of variable internet access.

As well as the live Q&As there will be the opportunity to ask questions asynchronously via the Ex Ordo system. More details on this and the live Q&As will follow.

Technical specifications

You will need to access the live events on a Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer. You will not be able to access the live events from other devices. EDIT: Please see the document from Ex Ordo Technical Specifications for Joining a Live Stage.

You will need to download the Webex Events app to view the live portion of the conference. We strongly advise you to download this in advance of the conference. If you are on a managed computer you will need to request permission to install Webex events and this may take some time to organise. Download Webex Events here: Download Link

Dates and deadlines

Video presentations, posters, and any accompanying files can be uploaded from Tuesday 7 July.

The final deadline for uploading all videos and files is Friday 31 July.

Videos and files will be accessible to registered participants from two weeks before the conference.

Videos and files will be archived and accessible to registered participants until Tuesday 8 September.

The live part of the conference will take place Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 August 2020

Live events including Q&A sessions will be programmed 09:00 – 18:30 British Summer Time.

Presentation timings

Please note the following time allocations for presentations:

  • Curated session papers: 15 minutes max
  • Discussant: 15 minutes max
  • Standalone session papers: 15 minutes max
  • Panel discussion sessions: 1 hour max

All presentation formats

When you log in to Ex Ordo you will now be given the option to upload your presentation. Please ensure that you follow the workflow through to the end clicking “Done”, if given the option, at every stage. There are brief guidelines for presenters at the start of the workflow.

Please note – There is a maximum file size of 3GB

Curated Sessions/Stand-alone Papers/Discussion Panels/Films

You may upload any number of videos and any number of additional documents to the system. If you do upload more than one video, please ensure that the total time of the videos does not exceed the time allowed for your presentation format.

Please be advised that multiple videos uploaded to one submission are presented in the system in the order in which they are uploaded.

Accepted file extensions for presentations

Image: Jpeg, jpg, png, jiff, bmp
Video: webm, mp4, mov, avi, mpegs, wmv, flv
Document: doc, docx
PDF: pdf
Slides: ppt, pptx, key
Spreadsheet: xls, xlsx

Session formats

  • Curated sessions

Curated sessions will already have an organiser or chair who takes responsibility for planning and on-the-day direction of that session’s live Q&A.

Curated sessions will go ahead regardless of the number of papers in the session.  These sessions will be allocated a live Q&A session on one of the conference days Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 August. Longer curated sessions with more than four papers may be allocated more than one Q&A session as the programme allows.

Presenters must upload their 15-minute presentation by the deadline of Friday 31 July.

We suggest that session organisers record a brief introduction to the session which they upload to the session proposal abstract/submission.

It is the responsibility of the session organiser to ensure that all presenters have uploaded their presentations by the deadline.

Please see the following guidance on recording presentations. EDIT We also have a video on how to use Keynote for recording presentations.

  • Discussants

Chairs of sessions with discussants should set a deadline for all video presentations to be shared locally with the discussant before the final submission date. The discussant should be given enough time to watch the videos and record their own response video which they upload to the Ex Ordo system by the final submission deadline of Friday 31 July.

  • Standalone paper sessions

Standalone paper submissions will be organised into sessions. These sessions will be allocated a live Q&A session on one of the conference days Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 August. A chair will be appointed from the Scientific Committee, who will take responsibility for planning and on-the-day direction of that session.

Presenters must upload their 15-minute presentation by the deadline of Friday 31 July.

Please see the following guidance on recording presentations.

  • Posters

We recommend that posters be uploaded as a PowerPoint or Keynote (Mac Only) presentation (maximum 4 pages) and saved as a video file. This will ensure that the file can be streamed and will not be downloadable. You may also choose to upload another file format such as PDF, but all non-video formats will be downloadable. EDIT: Video presentations should be no more than 5 minutes long.

Posters will be viewable from two weeks prior to the live conference dates. Posters will appear as a video file or as a clickable attachment to the poster abstract.

Presenters must upload their poster / poster presentation by the deadline of Friday 31 July.

We will programme poster sessions on one of the conference days Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 August where each presenter will be allocated 15 minutes to discuss their poster with attendees.

  • Panel discussion sessions

Panel discussions should be pre-recorded. The panel chair should liaise with panel members to arrange a meeting in advance of the conference using a conferencing platform of their choice. The panel chair records the session, then uploads the video via Ex Ordo by the deadline of Friday 31 July. Panel discussions will be allocated a live Q&A session on one of the conference days Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 August.

If panels prefer, they may upload individual videos to the Discussion Panel submissions. Please note that videos will be presented in the order in which they are uploaded, for this reason we suggest that only one person uploads the videos.

Conferencing platforms with free versions that allow easy video recording include: Microsoft Teams (also currently offering six-months access to its paid version); WebEx; and Zoom. An open source option is Jitsi which enables you to record via livestream on YouTube.

  • Films

We will contact film submissions directly to discuss.

Live Q&As

We understand that session participants may be in two or more different time zones and therefore unable to find a time that suits everyone for a live Q&A. We will programme the Q&A to include those presenters who registered by the speaker deadline of Monday 1 June 2020 and wherever possible will take into account timeslot preferences as indicated in Ex Ordo.

Live presentations

We ask that all presentations be pre-recorded. We will begin to programme the conference from 2 June and will work on the basis that all presentations (regardless of format) will be pre-recorded.

We do understand, however, that some presenters may prefer to present live. Whilst we would not recommend this, we will try to accommodate requests to do so.

Any request to give a live presentation MUST be made via the online form by Friday 12 June.

Chair responsibilities

Session chairs are asked to:

  • Liaise with their presenters to ensure their pre-recorded presentations don’t over-run the allotted time limit of 15 minutes
  • Check that all presenters will be able to record their presentations and upload their videos by the final deadline of Friday 31 July.
  • Watch/check the pre-recorded presentations for their session to ensure the presentations will stream ok and there are no problems with the files
  • Monitor written questions that are sent in in advance of the live Q&A. More details to follow.
  • Chair the live Q&A, collating and discussing questions for speakers which have been posted in advance as they deem appropriate