This workshop formed part of the live part of ACHS 2020: FUTURES.

Critical Heritage Studies and Global Challenges: the SDGs and a UN75 Dialogue. Wednesday 10am BST and Thursday at 4pm BST on the ACHS Stage.

This event is free to attend. It is open to attendees only and booking is required. Details of how to book are included in the programme in the conference space.

This workshop consists of two parts. The first will be an exploration of the Sustainable Development Goals and how they relate to the heritage sector. The second part will consist of a participatory workshop, which will form a UN 75 Dialogue.

For its 75th Anniversary, the UN is encouraging all sectors to host Dialogues, which are intended to inform future priorities for the UN. These will be presented to world leaders and senior UN officials at the official commemoration of the 75th Anniversary by the UN General Assembly in September 2020 (see After September, groups around the world will discuss how best to take forward the priorities and proposals generated.

This workshop and Dialogue, facilitated by Henry McGhie of Curating Tomorrow on behalf of the AHRC Heritage Priority Area, aims to consider the role of heritage and heritage studies in contributing to – and critically engaging with – the Sustainable Development Goals, and contributing to more just and less destructive planetary futures.

The collaborative workshop will be run twice (the next one is on Thursday at 4pm), and each workshop will be limited to 100 participants, with places available on a first come, first served basis. Each will constitute an individual ‘Dialogues’ in its own right, to be passed on to the UN as part of this process.


The participatory workshop will involve voting and responses from participants, using Mentimeter ( It will be helpful if you bring your smartphone, if you have one, or a tablet device/ipad. Alternatively, the voting can be done from the same device on which you participate in the Zoom call, although this mean switching between Zoom and Mentimeter.


In the participatory workshop, you will be asked which 6 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are most closely related to your work. It will be helpful if you are familiar with these. You can find out about them at