ACHS 2020 Futures was an international and interdisciplinary conference.

It was run by a local organising committee drawn from a range of institutions and disciplinary backgrounds. The local organising committee was supported by a scientific committee who reviewed proposals and helped to shape the intellectual agenda of the conference.

The Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS) is an international network of scholars, researchers and practitioners working in the broad and interdisciplinary field of heritage studies. The primary aim of ACHS is to promote heritage as an area of critical enquiry. Inspired by the paradigms of change inherent in postcolonial studies, and the developing interest in critical heritage studies as a field of research and academic engagement, it was officially founded in 2012, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The fifth biennial ACHS conference aimed to build on and consolidate the networks established by previous conferences held in Gothenburg, Sweden (2012), Canberra, Australia (2014), Montreal, Canada (2016) and Hangzhou, China (2018), some of which have attracted almost a thousand international delegates.

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    Virtual Conferencing

    ACHS 2020 FUTURES was held as a fully virtual conference. On Demand content was available from 12 August to 8 September. The live part of the conference, session Q&As, plenary sessions, roundtables, networking, was held of the original conference dates of 26 to 30 August.

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    Event Conduct Policy

    The organisers of ACHS2020 wish to ensure that the conference provides a safe, inclusive, professional space for all attendees that is free from harassment and bullying. We believe that a positive and respectful working environment will reap the greatest rewards for all participants. 

    ACHS2020 is a truly global conference and we welcome participants regardless of age, gender, marital status, pregnancy/maternity status, disability, race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

    We request that all participants, virtual platform staff, and conference organisers be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy.

    If you are subject to, or witness, any form of harassment or violation of this code of conduct we would encourage you to report this in confidence to the conference organisers either in person or via email to 

    Participants are expected to comply with this code of conduct and any participant not doing so will be asked to stop their antisocial behaviour, failure to do so may result in a participant being asked to leave the conference.

    We adhere to the following statements of the host institution, University College London, and request that all participants do the same.

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    Local Organising Committee

    Rodney Harrison (UCL Institute of Archaeology/AHRC Heritage Priority Area Leadership Fellow), Conference Chair

    Chiara Bonacchi, University of Stirling

    Colin Sterling, University College London

    Esther Breithoff, Birbeck, University of London

    Hana Morel, University College London

    Jennie Morgan, University of Stirling

    Jonathan Gardner, University College London

    Nadia Bartolini, University of Exeter

    Tina Paphitis, University of Hertfordshire

    Hannah Williams, University College London, Conference Organiser

    Susan Sandford Smith, University College London, Conference Organiser


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    Scientific Committee

    Ahmed Skounti, National Institute of Archaeology and Heritage Sciences (INSAP, Rabat, Morocco)

    Alexandra Bounia, University of the Aegean and UCL Qatar

    Ali Mozaffari, Deakin University

    Alice Stevenson, UCL Institute of Archaeology

    Amy Clarke, University of the Sunshine Coast

    Anca Claudia Prodan, Institute Heritage Studies, Internationale Akademie Berlin (INA)

    Andrea Witcomb, Deakin University

    Andrew Flinn, University College London

    Anna Bohlin, University of Gothenburg

    Anna Källén, Stockholm University

    Anna Karlström, Upsalla University

    Anna Storm, Linkoping University

    Astrid Swenson, Bath Spa University

    Bryony Onciul, University of Exeter

    Caitlin DeSilvey, University of Exeter

    Celmara Pocock, University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba

    Chaozhi Zhang, Sun Yat-sen University

    Charlotte Joy, Goldsmiths, University of London

    Chiara Bonacchi, University of Stirling

    Chiara De Cesari, University of Amsterdam

    Chiara Zuanni, University of Graz

    Chris Whitehead, Newcastle University

    Christina Fredengren, Stockholm University

    Christoph Brumann, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

    Ciraj Rassool, University of Western Cape

    Colin Sterling, University College London

    Cristina Sánchez-Carretero, Spanish National Research Council

    Cyril Isnart, French National Institute for Scientific Research (CNRS)

    Darko Babic, University of Zagreb

    David Harvey, Aarhus University

    Dean Sully, UCL Institute of Archaeology

    Denis Byrne, Western Sydney University

    Elizabeth Brabec, University of Massachusetts

    Elizabeth Crooke, Ulster University

    Emma Waterton, Western Sydney University

    Fiona Cameron, Western Sydney University

    Hana Morel, University College London

    Helen Graham, University of Leeds

    Huimei Liu, Zhejiang University

    Ingrid Martins Holmberg, University of Gothenburg

    Janet Black, Shahid Beheshti University

    Jennie Morgan, University of Stirling

    Jennifer Baird, Birkbeck, University of London

    John Giblin, National Museums Scotland

    Jonathan Gardner, University College London

    Jorge Otero-Pailos, Columbia University

    Kristin Kuutma, University of Tartu

    Laura McAtackney, Aarhus University

    Laurajane Smith, Australian National University

    Liesbeth Huybrechts, University of Hasselt

    Lucas Lixinski, Unversity of New South Wales

    Marc Jacobs, University Antwerp

    Maria Gravari-Barbas, Université de Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne

    Marie-Theres Albert, Institute Heritage Studies, Internationale Akademie Berlin (INA)

    Mathieu Dormaels, Université du Québec à Montréal

    Melissa F. Baird, Michigan Tech University

    Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University

    Mirjam Brusius, German Historical Institute London

    Nadia Bartolini, University of Exeter

    Natsuko Akagawa, The University of Queensland

    Nélia Dias, University of Lisbon

    Rachel Engmann, Hampshire College

    Rhiannon Mason, Newcastle University

    Rodney Harrison, UCL Institute of Archaeology/AHRC Heritage Priority Leadership Fellow

    Sandra Uskokovic, University of Dubrovnik

    Sarah Lloyd, University of Hertfordshire

    Shabnam Inanloo Dailoo, Athabasca University

    Sidney Cheung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Sophia Labadi, University of Kent

    Staffan Appelgren, University of Gothenburg

    Susan Ashley, Northumbria University

    Suzie E. Thomas, University of Helsinki

    Theano Moussouri, UCL Institute of Archaeology

    Tim Winter, University of Western Australia

    Tina Paphitis, University of Exeter

    Tracy Ireland, University of Canberra

    Trinidad Rico, Rutgers University

    Valdimar Tryggvi Hafstein, University of Iceland

    Yiping Dong 董一平, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

    Yujie Zhu, Australian National University