We are keen to find ways to help ACHS 2020 Futures Virtual conference participants to highlight and promote relevant new books which have been published since the last ACHS conference, held in Hangzhou in 2018. To this end, we are asking those who have new books relating to heritage studies to complete this google form so that we can include them as part of our virtual new books corner.

Please complete the form below which includes information about the book’s author(s) or editor(s), book title, publication date and publisher, brief description and a link to the publisher’s website. Additionally, for those who wish to do so, please include a link to an external video hosting site where authors or editors can record and make available a brief 3-5 minute book talk introducing and summarising the book’s content. For technical reasons we won’t be able to host this in Ex Ordo so we would recommend you use Vimeo or YouTube to do this.

Please complete the Google Form by 31st July to ensure your new book is included as part of the virtual conference new books corner.

Complete form here.

Information provided on this form will be made available here on the ACHS 2020 Virtual Conference website.