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  • To avoid time differences for live Q&A slots, you MUST indicate a preferred timeslot to take part in the live Q&A.
  • You MUST check the copyright box to give the conference organisers permission to include your abstract in the online programme

For Organisers, the following must be done by you and/or the authors within your session:

  • Remove the Curated Session title from individual session abstract titles
  • Remove any authors (usually Curated Session organisers) that are not authors on the abstract.
  • You MUST assign the role of Corresponding Author to a remaining author on the abstract.
  • Submissions with no Corresponding Author cannot be completed.

Organisers of Curated Sessions and Discussion Panels

Please liaise with your authors and make sure they are up to date with what is happening with the Conference. If you have withdrawn your Curated Session or Discussion Panel it is your responsibility to let the authors/panellists know.


Updated 13.05.20

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for ACHS 2020: FUTURES Virtual. Register via the UCL Online Store.

The registration fee gives you access to the full programme of talks, panels, and workshops. Also included in your registration fee are a number of side events including sessions on research funding, academic publishing, a virtual workshop on Heritage, Museums, SDGs and Climate Change, and more to be added soon.

IMPORTANT – if you have already registered for the LONDON conference please DO NOT register again. Instead, please contact us via this online form to request a partial refund. We will refund the amount you initially paid (including conference dinner and programme where relevant) minus the new registration fee.

If you have already registered for the LONDON conference and you do not wish to participate in the virtual conference please request a full refund via this online form


  • >

    Presenter registration

    13.05.20 to 1.06.20

    Student/un-waged rate – £25

    Non-student/waged rate – £35


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    General registration

    13.05.20 to 17.08.20

    Student/un-waged rate – £25

    Non-student/waged rate – £35



You must be a current member of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies to register for the conference. See here for further details relating to membership.

You will need your ACHS Unique ID number when you register. To find this:

1. Go to the ACHS website membership page

2. If you need to login, there will be a link for you to do so;

3. Once you have logged in, search for your name in the directory. Click on your name, and your ID will be shown in the next screen. Your ID is a combination of 24 digits and letters unique to you;

4. Please copy and paste the ID into the relevant field of your ACHS Conference registration form.

To participate in the conference, all attendees must pay the appropriate registration fee.


A limited number of registration waivers have been awarded to presenters who would otherwise not be able to participate in the conference for financial reasons. These have been facilitated by a donation from the Conference Chair, Professor Rodney Harrison.

Waivers were awared by application and prioritised participants from low/middle income countries, unwaged presenters including students and/or those with no institutional support.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

*** Please see the Covid-19 update 22.03.20 for changes to the refund schedule for speaker registrations.

Cancellations and refund requests must be received no later than 11th August 2020. Please submit your request via the online form.

Refund Schedule

Up to 1st June 2020 – 90% of the registration paid will be refunded

2nd June to 12th August 2020 – 80% of the registration paid will be refunded

12th August 2020 onwards – no refund will be paid

Only in exceptional circumstances will we be able to refund the cost of registration after this date.